Thoughts of Discord

Thoughts of Discord

Go back… existing in an alternate world. Chemically calm or chemically enhanced. The choice always a pill, a line, a glass. Record the pain, get it out from the head. Let the words echo into the air, vibrations locked in the surroundings for eternity.

One chance, one redemption, one way of escape.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thoughts of Discord continues the story of the author’s life from the painful end of The Mushroom Diaries.

Behind the backdrop of trying to produce his band’s debut album Self Degraded Suicide, Thoughts of Discord follows his fall into the depths of depression and drug addiction.

This is the solitary journey into the mouth of the abyss. A study of a person. A study of a soul. Another twisted love story.

Additional Information

Although Dominic Lyne begun writing Thoughts of Discord immediately after completing The Mushroom Diaries in 2006, it would take him four years to finish writing it.

Only days after finishing the first handwritten draft, Dominic begun his journey through the mental health system to help him understand the underlying issues that can be seen throughout both this volume and its predecessor.

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Supplementary Material

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1: The Never-ending Pain – Dominic Lyne discusses the pain he endured during the writing of Thoughts of Discord between 2006 and 2010.

2: A Pain That I’m Used To – Dominic Lyne discusses his band The Red Devil Incident’s album “Self Degraded Suicide” with Off the Wall Fanzine, Jan 2007.

3: Between the Darkness and the Light – Julia Cartwright interviews The Red Devil Incident for Off the Wall Fanzine, July 2007.

4: Salvation and the Rhythm of War Drums – Dominic Lyne talks about drums with OnePage Magazine, July 2008.


Date of Release:
08 August 2012


Paperback – 242 pages

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