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Dominic Lyne talks about his tattoos.

Life and Death Runes
Tattooed by Becs @ Trollspiel
The life and death runes act as my yin and yang. Without life there is no death and vice versa. The runes also stand for protection and sanctuary and sometimes the best and safest sanctuary we can find is within ourselves.

Skull and Flames
Tattooed by Aaron Hewitt @ Trollspiel
The skull encases the life rune for a reason. It sums up that period of my life. It’s my phoenix, a symbol of mortality within life, the flames represent the rebirth from the ashes. Getting that tattoo meant so much, it was the start of a period of sorting out my head and life, burning what I’d become knowing I’d be reborn as someone stronger.

The Serpent
Tattooed by Aaron Hewitt @ Trollspiel
The serpent tattoo like all of my sleeve was a custom designed by Aaron, it symbolises my life plan and beliefs. Although the tattoo isn’t religious its meaning is a symbol of the events of Genesis. The serpent had knowledge before knowledge, it knew how to influence the course of history, how to make Man see its true nature. The original sin of Humanity. This tattoo reminds me how it is possible for one person to influence history, to create massive change and be punished in return. This is my life plan. To influence people, to make them think differently and not be afraid to stare negative reactions and put-downs in the face. The tattoo also continues the theme of death and rebirth with the leaves being autumnal, shedding the old before springing back with new life in the spring.

Three Symbols
Tattooed by Dave @ Studio81
The three symbols are a personal tattoo, it sums up a relationship I had with someone. Basically a ‘I will always offer you protection and care’ tattoo. They know what it means, they know who it’s for.

Devil’s Head
Tattooed by Martin @ Studio81
I got my band’s logo tattooed on my wrist to remind me never to give up on my quest, to continue down that road until it reaches its end and never detour from it. When I look at it when I’m down or feeling negative it reminds me why I’m here, what I’m doing. It’s my destiny. The devil from the Garden that changed the world; the devil in the present wanting to do the same.

Pisces Nails
Tattooed by John @ Studio81
My personal logo designed by myself. My birth sign and the nails of the crucifixion. This keeps me focused as well, it isn’t religious, but again reminds me of how a simple act of self sacrifice and pain for what you believe in can create such a massive impact. My message and what I want to achieve is my core focus and direction in my life and I’m willing to go through all the pain and suffering life throws at me to ensure that I can effect change, even if it is only to one person. This and the Devil’s head give me focus and direction for both the same and different reasons.

Cut Here’
Tattooed by Lee @ Electric Ink
This tattoo was a little joke to myself, a little dig at my past. When I was 17 I got so depressed I cut up my torso from top to groin 30 times and still have some scars. It was a little nod to that, I’ve done it before and know I won’t do it again, but if I do then ‘cut here’.

Tattooed by John H @ Eclipse
This tattoo means more than just my date of birth. The number 23 has played a huge part in my life. Also if you add all the numbers in black together (0+2+1+9+8+3) you get the total 23.

The Phoenix
Tattooed by John H @ Eclipse
I’ve always wanted a Phoenix tattoo and it seemed right at this moment in my life to get it done. Rising from the ashes is a consistant theme with my tattoos but the actual vision of a Phoenix adds a new dimension to this. Although a Phoenix can heal and help others, they cannot heal themself, they have to die in order to be reborn, and I believe in that, we have to kill a bit of ourselves everytime we are reborn.

Tattooed by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
Symbollically this represents the mind (crescent) transcending matter (cross) to reach for divine spirit (circle). Instead of the empty circle, I used the symbol of the sun which represents the divine spirit (circle) surrounding the seed of potential.

Two Hearts
Tattooed by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
This represents love in my life and how I feel towards it. The complete coloured heart represents how much love I put into other people. The second heart represents how much love I believe should be put into me.

The Silent Scream
Tattooed by Kompi @ Nemesis Tattoo
This was the first tattoo that I actually designed for myself. It is an image taken from my Cycle-2 series of illustrations and best sums up the pain that I feel inside constantly. The need to scream but being unable to do so.

Tattooed @ Nemesis Tattoo
My favourite Manga artist is Tite Kubo and this is a smiley face taken from his Zombiepowder series. When I first saw it I was like ‘that’s getting tattooed on me.’ I like the fact that it’s a happy face but something about it is sad.

Tattooed by Thomas @ Nemesis Tattoo
The second self designed tattoo. This was designed to cover up a symbol that a ‘friend’ had drawn on my leg and I’d had tattooed over. The original tattoo was meant to be a symbol of truth, and when I found out that they had just been spreading lies about me I needed to erase the lie from my skin. This was the outcome. My one and only coverup.

Inner Demons [Part 1]
Tattooed by Thomas @ Nemesis Tattoo
I had an idea for my second sleeve which would continue with the black/red theme I want for that arm. So I designed this to represent both the shit I went through mentally whilst being dragged through the mental health system, as well as to acknowledge my inner demons.

Tattooed by Thomas @ Nemesis Tattoo
Nice and simple. This tattoo is tally marks which add up to 27. The age I got diagnosed as crazy.

Death’s Head Moth
Tattooed by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
Moths, like butterflies, remind us of our need to evolve into something better. The moth finds its way by following the moonlight and is often mislead by artificial light, this persistence to follow the light trusting its instincts, whilst ignoring danger, makes it spontaneous, determined and vulnerable at the same time. The image of the moth reminds me that throughout life there will be falsehoods that lead us away from our path, distracting and leading us into possible danger. Despite this, we must never give up following what we truly believe.

Skull 13
Tattooed by Alex Young @ Haunted Tattoos
A Friday 13th tattoo.

Inner Demons [Part 2]
Tattooed by Jario @ Nemesis Tattoo
Continuation of my ‘mental health’ tattoo sleeve. This part was tattooed the day after my first therapy session. The first part represents my pre-treatment state; this represents the start of my journey towards getting better.

Tattooed by self
One of my first attempts at tattooing myself.

Tattooed by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
The singularity of the magpie represents my friendship with my friend Tree and how no one in this life will ever be able to replace her or the friendship we held. I fly alone as a solitary magpie without his best friend. A tattoo for a friend who, although is no longer with us, will always remain in my heart.

Tattoo by Michael @ Nemesis Tattoo
The symbol for oxytocin, the chemical released by the brain when you interact with someone you love/trust on an emotional or physical level.

Cat Skull
Tattoo by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
Cats can be solitary animals, occupying themselves happily, but they also like the attention and affection of others. This nature is similar to mine, I can be aloof to most in general, but to the few I choose I can be loving and affectionate. The myth that cats have nine lives reminds me to keep trying even if one of my ‘lives’ comes to an end, and, like a cat, to always land on my feet ready to move on.

Semicolon | Bars
Tattoo by Attila @ Nemesis Tattoo
The semicolon tattoo represents my struggle with – and survival from – depression, addiction and suicide. As explained on Project Semicolon’s website, ‘A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to.’
The bars represent the numbers 2 and 3. 23 is an important number for me. In regards to my therapy, that journey begun in 2012 ([2+0]+[1+2]) and ended in 2015 when I was 32.

Tattoo @ Nemesis Tattoo
Ansuz represents the communication of wisdom with the outside world, as well as within yourself. It is the truth that shall set us free.
Algiz represents protection and defense.
Kenaz represents the pursuit of knowledge. By drawing upon the power and teachings of this rune we can become whatever we will.

Sayagata [Red]
Tattoo by Delphine @ The Lacemaker’s Sweatshop
Alongside the Algiz rune, I have always wanted to get a swastika tattoo, but have never wanted it to be an obvious singular tattoo. When considering how I wanted to complete my right chest piece, I decided that it provided me with the opportunity to fulfil this plan through the use of a sayagata pattern.
The swastika is a very old symbol with use widespread throughout the world. Its traditional meaning was as a sign of good fortune and well being. It is not simply a hate symbol.

Sayagata [Blue]
Tattoo by Uka @ La Dotline
The double cross has had many different meanings throughout history, many of which represented a combination of opposites – the Templars, for example, saw it as the union of opposites, the intersection of creative and destructive forces. This connotation resonates with me and my experience with life: the positive and negative symptoms of my schizophrenia, the black and white thinking of my BPD, life and death. In my mind, the double cross challenges me with the reconciliation of opposites, and the transformation that union could bring.

Suicide King
Tattooed by Thomas @ Nemesis Tattoo
Marilyn Manson’s album Mechanical Animals is my favourite album of all time. It spoke to me so deeply and in many ways reflected the way I was feeling about myself and the world at its time of release. Whenever everything gets too much for me, I just put the album on and listen to it in silence from beginning to end, in order, no skipping or pausing, and by the time the dying notes of ‘Coma White’ fade to silence I feel refreshed, back ready to continue facing down the world.
I have wanted to get the ‘Suicide King’ logo tattooed since I was 15. Never have lines of lyrics worded how I felt so perfectly better than “This isn’t me, I’m not mechanical / I’m just a boy, playing the suicide king.”

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