In Dreams We Sleep
Novel, Prose
The Artifice Archipelago
Interactive, Novel
The Maze
Interactive, Memoir
Into the Mind of Whoredom
Chapbook, Poetry
Project Semicolon
Anthologies, Memoir
This Hollow Soul
Illustrated, Memoir
Tommy Sees the Shadow
Illustrated, Short Story
And There an End, but Now They Rise Again
Chapbook, Prose, Short Story
The Heart of Darkness
Novel, Prose
The Voice that Betrayed
Memoir, Poetry
Zomboy #1
And Mother’s Eyes Will Bleed
Novella, Prose, Short Story
Paradise is Nowhere [Series]
Chapbook, Illustrated, Short Story
Novel, Prose, Short Story
Thoughts of Discord
Memoir, Novel, Prose
Cycle-2 [Series]
Illustrated, Memoir, Prose
Seven Deadly Sins
Illustrated, Short Story
Best Friends Forever
Illustrated, Short Story
The Mushroom Diaries
Memoir, Novel, Prose
A Boy David
Novella, Prose