And Mother’s Eyes Will Bleed

And Mother’s Eyes Will Bleed

And Mother’s Eyes Will Bleed is a collection of sixteen sexual encounter short stories, based on experiences by Dominic Lyne.

Additional Information

More tales of sexual adventures can be found on Dominic Lyne’s Tales of the Disconnected blog. Click here to view information about the blog.

Supplementary Material

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1) An American Tale – A bonus chapter about a boy spending the evening as a rent boy in New York City.

2) Tales of the Disconnected: Sex – More tales of Dominic’s sexual adventures.


Date of Release:
23 April 2013 – First Edition
27 November 2016 – Second Edition
08 August 2022 – Third Edition

Paperback – 32 pages | eBook

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First Edition
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Second Edition
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Third Edition
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