Tales of the Disconnected

Tales of the Disconnected was an online journal by Dominic Lyne hosted through LiveJournal. The journals were written from September 2004 until July 2009 when the blog was discontinued.

Tales of the Disconnected was an honest and open journal cataloguing the life of Dominic as he lived it. At its peak during 2004 to 2005, the blog itself contained over 79,867 words. Entries in the journal began to decrease through the latter parts of 2006 before fading out completely for a period in 2008 when Dominic decided that there wasn’t anything of any particular interest happening in his life.

Tales of the Disconnected – written in his characteristic misanthropic, blunt style – gives an ideal insight into the mind of Dominic through its honest and sometimes frank opinions and descriptions. The entries at the height of its usage tie in with a series of two books written by Dominic Lyne –  The Mushroom Diaries (2009) and its sequel Thoughts of Discord (2012) – providing additional material to further understand the relationships featured and situations that are not included within the books’ content.

From determination – the journals begin as Dominic and boyfriend Sam decide to give their relationship another go (their third attempt) – to comfort, understanding to love, trust to paranoia, communication to meltdown, meltdown to rebuilding. It is a painful journey and the openness of the writing lets the reader into this world without any sense of shame or embarrassment, something evident within all Dominic Lyne’s writing.

With the journals closed, the complete Tales of the Disconnected has been archived at disconnected.dominiclyne.com.


Tales of the Disconnected