Story Time

It’s all good shit for the autobiography. — Dominic Lyne

Sat at his desk, in front of his computer, author Dominic Lyne reminisces about his past.


Between 1999 and 2001, Dominic Lyne wrote the autobiography of his first eighteen years. For fifteen years, the book remained unmentioned, unpublished in any form, except for a solitary printed paperback that Dominic kept alongside the rest of his body of work. Reading through it one day, he decided that it was time to dust it down and tell some of the stories it contained, but rather than just words on a page he wanted them to be brought back to life in some way, he wanted it to feel like he was personally telling the stories to another person, in person. He considered creating an audiobook, but ultimately decided to use the animation software Plotagon to create the episodic series of animated shorts that is Story Time.

Using this animated format, Dominic felt he was able to recreate for the viewer a visual representation of how he recounted his memories – sat in front of his computer, physically typing, but mentally watching the events as they replayed in his mind. You are not just picking up a book and reading a sequence of words in your own mind that would be visualised differently by each reader, you are sharing the experience of his past exactly as he wants it to be seen, as well as how every other person watching the series sees it. Story Time is a shared experience, not a solitary one.

Story Time may have been born out from the pages of a book written by an eighteen year old, but Dominic has opened out the project’s scope to include memories that took place during the fifteen years that have occurred after the book was completed and left to gather dust. He titled the original autobiography Welcome to my World, and that remains a fitting title as Story Time welcomes you further into it.


Series One

Series Two