A Boy David

A Boy David: Der Weg von den Wolfen
A Boy David: Pause for Thought

David is pariah. Everywhere he walks, silence descends. David is a skinhead. David is death and destruction personified. Author of a controversal book, potential thug. David is 16. He is also gravely misunderstood.

The A Boy David series of novellas follows a year in the life of David as he tries to overcome the dramatic changes in his life after a book written as a joke gets out of hand. This is the story of a gay skinhead, lover of punk and sex in public toliets, who ends up earning the reputation burning title of a neo-Nazi wannabe fascist.

A study of misunderstanding, bullying, hatred, and an ultimate demise into the depths of depression. David’s life will never be the same again.

The first book Der Weg von den Wolfen is the book written by David which forms the basis for the story of Pause for Thought, the second book of the series. This is the book he wrote as a joke. A faux fascist manifesto designed to make a point. The plan went wrong.  Pause for Thought is the story of David’s life as his joke snowballs out of control.

In full, the A Boy David project was vast, spanning websites and posts in user-groups across a year period. It was a study in the power of words and the notion of belief. Can you create a persona through written words? Yes. Der Weg von den Wolfen never gave the character of David a persona to which people can grasp, does that turn the author into the protagonist of the novel? Maybe. Sensationalism sales.


A Boy David: Der Weg von den Wolfen

Date of Release: 01 November 1999
Format: Paperback – 130 pages

A Boy David: Pause for Thought

Date of Release: 23 February 2000
Format: Paperback – 100 pages