Stuff the Video


Recorded over ten months, Stuff the Video featured nearly two hours of fun and stupidity filmed just for the sheer hell of it by A Punk Oddity.

It featured characters like: The Tartan Menace, the Goths, and the enigmatic Mr F.

Watch Highlights from Stuff the Video

The original VHS tape of Stuff the Video has not stood the test of time well. The clips shown in this video are the highlights of what could be digitised from the VHS. Strangely, the degradation of the video tape gives it a somewhat cursed found-footage kind of vibe.

Watch The Tartan Menace

The Tartan Menace was an episodic horror story that was interspersed throughout Stuff the Video. It has been edited separate from the highlights so that it can be enjoyed on its own as a whole. In this case, the degraded footage adds to the overall feel of the story.

The plot for The Tartan Menace was written as a bare-bones outline, with the series unscripted and the dialogue for each episode improvised whilst filming.


Filmed by: Dominic and Mark Lyne
Edited and Directed by: Dominic Lyne
Published by: DPL Publishing

Filming Period: October 2000 and August 2001
Filming Locations: Preston, England

Original Release: 01 October 2001

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