In Dreams We Sleep

In Dreams We Sleep

In Dreams We Sleep is the story of Niente’s descent into the pits of despair. He is a drug user, using to escape the demons of his mentally ill existence. The world around him is blurring, the distinction between reality and dreams disappearing.

A woman tells him he has to change the world, her age keeps changing each time he meets her in both the real world and that of his hallucinations. He doesn’t know if she is real or just a figment of his fractured brain. As Niente follows her instructions, his world crumbles to its final days.

Niente has been chosen by fate to make the biggest decision known to humanity: the choice of life or death.

As he struggles to come to terms with the insanity of reality, he pulls his closest friends down with him into the depths of madness. No one is safe; no one will live.

Answers can be dismissed, conclusions argued. However finality is just that. Final.

Additional Information

The short story collection Transmissions contains nine stories featuring characters from the same narrative world as In Dreams We Sleep.

Supplementary Material

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1: In Dreams We Sleep – Alternative artwork.

2: Prophecy – A4 artwork print.

3: Justice – A4 artwork print.

4: Judas Inferno – A short story featuring In Dreams We Sleep‘s protagonist Niente, taken from Transmissions.

5: In Dreams We Sleep [Audio] – The Red Devil Incident’s second album. Initially composed as a concept album based on In Dreams We Sleep‘s original planned storyline.


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Date of Release:
13 October 2020


Paperback – 170 pages | eBook

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