The Maze

The Maze

Dominic Lyne’s Cycle-2 series charted the beginnings of his journey through the mental health system through a collection of illustrated shorts and diary entries. It allowed the reader into his mind, revealing how he perceives the world around him, his thoughts and addictions.

Acting as an introduction to his work about his mental health difficulties, The Maze allows the user to explore different aspects of the Cycle-2 series, its companion series This Hollow Soul, and the A Broken Coda video diaries. Presented in a non-linear, maze-like fashion, The Maze also features previously unpublished written material.

Are you ready to return into the other-side of the mirror?


Since the beginning of the Cycle-2 series, Dominic always intended to create an interactive experience that would allow users to journey into his fragmented mind and experience different aspects of his existence.

The Maze features excerpts from across Dominic Lyne’s body of work. From diary entries to illustrations, poems to music, Dominic has expressed his pain in many mediums.


Date of Release:
08 October 2018

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