White Claudia – A Silent Hill Story


White Claudia – A Silent Hill Story


001 | Left of Me
002| Fog Surrounds Me
003 | Avith Ortega – Dopamine for Professing
004 | Reed Williams
005 | Drackfreeee – Alcohol Dependence
006 | Leaving Lakeview
007 | Timid
008 | What is Left of this Town
009 | Clouded Judgment
010 | Paleville by Foot
011 | Avith Ortega – The Crop of the Town
012 | It’s Back for More
013 | Empty Spaces
014 | Drackfreeee – South Vale Streets
015 | A Town Even More Empty and Stolid than Usual
016 | Drackfreeee – Raven’s True Nest
017 | A Different Side of Silent Hill
018 | Avith Ortega – Gods Paradise
019 | Lair of the Pale Sun
020 | Whately, Otherside of Hell
021 | Whately Remnant
022 | Drackfreeee – Against All Odds
023 | The Red Devil Incident – Oblivion


Featured Track: Oblivion
Lyrics by Dominic Lyne
Music written by M and Dominic Lyne

Produced by Dominic Lyne
Engineered, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne

Studio Collective [2018]:
Dominic Lyne – Vocals, drums, programming, synths
M Lyne – All guitars, live bass

Release Date: 01 August 2018


Additional Information

“This album began as a continuation of Absorbed By Fog, but when I was able to locate the beautiful music of Drackfreeee on YouTube, I knew I needed him involved. We would talk and make spooky tunes, when I then brought up Avith Ortega, a man known for his Silent Hill inspired tracks in the community, and I decided I would ask if he would like to participate, he accepted. I got a message on Soundcloud from one of my favorite groups growing up, The Red Devil Incident, and I talked with the singer Dominic Lyne, who favored my dedication to the band, and even my music. I was able to persuade him to do an ending track for me, which would be a great honor to me in the end.” Badweekend


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