Seven Deadly Sins

Dominic Lyne

Seven Deadly Sins


001 | The Dream5:56
002 | Seven Sinners5:57


When he awakes within a dream, the Wanderer finds himself in a desolate wasteland occupied by a series of moving figures. As he journeys from one side to the other, he realises that each figure represents one of the seven deadly sins.

Additional Information

‘The Dream’ originally appeared in Seven Deadly Sins, an illustrated zine that contains seven illustrations drawn in Dominic Lyne’s unique style showing his own version of the famous Biblical vices. 

Seven Deadly Sins is available worldwide from the Degraded Discord online store:


Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne
Art Direction and Design by Dominic Lyne
Cover Artwork by Dominic Lyne

RDI: Crucifixion Project – Seven Sinners
Music by Dominic Lyne


Date of Release:
20 January 2018

Digital Download

Narrated By:
Dominic Lyne

Record Label:
Degraded Discord

Catalogue No:

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