Into the Mind of Whoredom

Into the Mind of Whoredom

From masturbating over the contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest to dreams of being a porn star, Into the Mind of Whoredom features twenty-three upbeat and humorous poems written by Dominic Lyne.

The lives of the dysfunctional people featured in Into the Mind of Whoredom form the physical brain matter of this collection, whilst Dominic’s witty wording and writing style fires up the nerve endings revealing their thoughts and emotions.

Additional Information

Into the Mind of Whoredom also contains illustrations by the author.

Musical performances of two poems from Into the Mind of Whoredom.

Saviour of the World
Lyrics by Dominic Lyne | Music by M Lyne || Performed by A Punk Oddity
Goddamn It, I’m Slow
Lyrics and Music by Dominic Lyne || Performed by A Punk Oddity


Date of Release:
28 October 2017


Paperback – 32 pages

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