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Project Semicolon: Your Story Isn’t Over

For fans of PostSecret, Humans of New York, and If You Feel Too Much, this collection from suicide-awareness organization Project Semicolon features stories and photos from those struggling with mental illness.

Project Semicolon began in 2013 to spread a message of hope: No one struggling with a mental illness is alone; you, too, can survive and live a life filled with joy and love. In support of the project and its message, thousands of people all over the world have gotten semicolon tattoos and shared photos of them, often alongside stories of hardship, growth, and rebirth.

Project Semicolon: Your Story Isn’t Over reveals dozens of new portraits and stories from people of all ages talking about what they have endured and what they want for their futures. This represents a new step in the movement and a new awareness around those who struggle with mental illness and those who support them. At once heartfelt, unflinchingly honest, and eternally hopeful, this collection tells a story of choice: every day you choose to live and let your story continue on.

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In 2015, I joined many across the world by tattooing a semicolon on the ring finger of my left hand. Project Semicolon’s definition that “a semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to” really resonated with me, and I vowed to have one tattooed on me one day, when the time was right.

That time was September 2015. I had just completed twenty-two months of intense mentalisation-based therapy and felt in such a good position with my life. In those twenty-two months I had struggled with, and survived, depression, drug addiction, and suicide. Even though I had come close on many occasions, I had not chosen to end the sentence of my life. I had the semicolon tattooed on the ring finger of my left hand as a constant reminder that no matter what happens, I am married to my life in both sickness and health.

When the opportunity to share my story arose, I didn’t hesitate in taking it. If my words can help but one person to continue to fight for themselves no matter what, then that is worth so much to me, and the world.

Project Semicolon: Your Story Isn’t Over was edited by Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon, who sadly lost to her struggle and pain during the creation of the book. She is in our thoughts.

Dominic Lyne


This anthology shares so many powerful stories of suffering, resiliency, treatment, and hope. The book starts with the story of the project’s founder, Amy Bleuel. She talks about her own history with mental illness and about creating the hashtag in 2013 with the idea of people drawing semicolons on their wrists if they have struggled with mental illness or love someone who does. What follows are many short pieces (some just a paragraph) and photographs of tattoos. The pieces address struggles, histories, diagnoses, suicidal ideology and attempts, histories, causes, reactions, and treatments. Collectively, the stories shared here are about fear, hurt, hope, fights, help, advocacy, understanding, suffering, medication, therapy, inpatient and outpatient treatment, love, and support. The stories are a mix of being from those with mental illness and from those who have loved and lost people due to mental illness. The stories are about abuse, rape, addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, bipolar, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, borderline personality disorder, chronic pain, postpartum depression, self-harm, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, social anxiety, and more. While no one’s story is the same, they all contain the same message: there is help and there is hope. The anthology helps remove the isolation, shame, and stigma so often felt with mental illness. Resources at the end include helplines, counseling and treatment information, and support groups. This is an important addition to all library collections.

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Date of Release:
07 September 2017

Paperback – 352 pages | eBook

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