Cycle-2 [Series]

Dominic Lyne’s Cycle-2 series charts the beginnings of the author’s journey through the mental health system through a collection of illustrated shorts and diary entries. It allows the reader into the author’s mind, revealing how he perceives the world around him, his thoughts and addictions.

It provides an interesting insight into the mind of someone who is truly not connected with ‘reality’.

A look into the otherside of the mirror.

Cycle-2: Paradise is Nowhere

Time is running out. The world grows old and frail. I don’t want to be part of all this. The planet of bloodshed. The planet of war and arrogance.

You all make me sick. Make me sick. Your sickness feeds mine and I can never return because I was never here to begin with.

Cycle-2: Paradise is Nowhere contains four illustrated shorts.

Date of Release: Physical – 14 October 2011 | Digital – 18 September 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9561612-5-3

Format: Paperback – 120 pages | eBook

Cycle-2: Lying Wasted Under a Broken Coda

So what makes me feel like me. Truly the Dom I want to be. Going out, drinking, using drugs and ending up somewhere with someone random or a friend. Alcohol, drugs and sex. That is Dom. Dom is reckless, Dom doesn’t give a fuck. Burn bright and fall in flames. A bright star. One of the crazy ones.

Cycle-2: Lying Wasted Under a Broken Coda contains transcripts and scans from Dom Lyne’s diaries between July 2010 and April 2011.

Date of Release 19 December 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9561612-6-0

Format: Paperback – 296 pages

Cycle-2: The Silent Scream

Scream the silent scream. The scream so painful that no one can hear. Not even the almighty God in his golden throne. His hearing aid long since broken. No, not broken, he just turned it off and turned his back. The figure in the shadows, was it born from the scream or was I born from it?

Cycle-2: The Silent Scream contains two illustrated shorts.

Date of Release: Physical – 27 February 2012 | Digital – 01 September 2018

ISBN: 978-0-9561612-7-7

Format: Paperback – 110 pages | eBook

Cycle-2: Screams of Silence

Cycle-2: Screams of Silence compiles the complete Cycle-2 series into one special hardback edition. As well as containing the series’ three volumes, Screams of Silence contains an additional volume Eyes of Insanity, containing never before published artwork, transcripts and writings by the author.

Date of Release 26 March 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9561612-8-4

Format: Hardback – 580 pages

Cover Art

Cycle-2: The Art of Pain

Cycle-2: The Art of Pain is a limited edition release containing extracts from Dominic Lyne’s Cycle-2 series and includes a new short story entitled “The Memory”.

The Dream
Scream No. 1 [part]
Diary [July 2010]
The Memory

Date of Release 23 February 2013

Format: Limited Edition Paperback – 84 pages | 15 copies


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