Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

As children I’m sure most of us have dreams for a pet, a little companion who will listen to our problems and tales without the ability to answer back. Most of us end up with the usual, a cheap petshop hamster, gerbil or guinnea-pig. Something small, cute and furry. Something Safe and easy, and which will die just in time for when we grow tired and want simple human contact and a life.

Imagine though how much more respectful we would be if we had cool pets, we’d never leave them to the care of adults whilst we run carefree down the streets. Imagine if you had the ability to capture the creatures in your dreams, the monsters under your bed. The coolest freaks of your imagination under your command, collared and microchipped to your ownership.

Imagine your best friend for life. Forever and ever and ever…

…However, forever comes at a price.


Best Friends Forever came about after Jeff Michalik held an art show with the same name. After raping Jeff’s Killer Bunny comic, Dom thought it would be a good idea to produce a book which would accompany the show. This was the outcome. The first official collaboration between Dom Lyne and Jeff Michalik.


Date of Release:
02 April 2011


Paperback – 40 pages

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