The Artifice Archipelago

The Artifice Archipelago

An adventure lies before you in The Artifice Archipelago! It is up to you to choose your own path as you encounter villains, discover new lands, and gather items, all which will lead you toward your ultimate goal: the true ending!

With over four-hundred unique scenarios, you will need to keep your eye out for clues, as well as any artefacts that will help you progress and stave off the plethora of game-ending events.

You will lose time after time, however you must persevere through each failure if you wish to discover the secrets of the archipelago!


The Artifice Archipelago is a ‘choose your own adventure’ game-book written by Connor A. Wilkinson, consisting of over 250 pages and 50 endings.

The Artifice Archipelago includes a micro story arc written by Dominic Lyne, which takes the reader on a short side-quest independent of the main adventure.



Date of Release:
01 April 2020



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