The Polarised Project

In 2014, Dominic Lyne was interviewed for Polarised, a short film about LGBTQ+ mental health in Austerity London.

Polarised Project — Preliminary Questionnaire

Please describe your sexuality and/or gender identity in your own words and language.

I identify as being gay, although, outside of my sexual preference of partner, my sexuality does not play a significant role within my usual day-to-day life.  I am comfortable with my sexuality and it has never been a ruling or defining factor within my life.  My sexuality is just part of who I am, not what I am.

What links, if any, do you see between mental health and being LGBTQ+?

On a whole I believe that mental health can affect anyone regardless of their sexuality.  Factors such as experiences with homophobic bullying or abuse can leave emotional damage that can lead to depression or aid in the formation of personality disorders, but I feel that the same consequences can arise from any form of bullying regardless of sexuality.

I think the link between sexuality and mental health is determined by how important the role of sexuality plays within your life, and the importance you place on the views of others around you.  I am a quite closed person and not care much about what other people think about me or my life, so the opinions of others relating to general aspects of my life does little to affect me in the long run.

Please describe any personal experiences regarding your mental health and/or your sexuality or gender identity that you would like to bring to the interviews.

When I was diagnosed, I found that most people with whom I was close to chose to abandon me rather than stick around to offer support.  From my own personal experience, I have found that people from within the LGBT community have been more close-minded and critical when it comes to mental health, often using it as a joke to gossip about and ridicule.

For me, combating my mental health has been quite a solitary battle; because of the past rejections, I find it hard to confide in others regarding it and often soldier along trying to portray an outward image of being okay, when inside I am actually falling apart.

Are there any subjects or issues that you want us to avoid?


Watch Polarised

TRIGGER WARNING: Polarised touches on subjects that some people may find triggering. The short film contains graphic descriptions of rape and frank discussions of mental health issues and disorders including suicide, eating disorders and depression.

Extracts from Dominic’s interview appear at 05:21, 16:52, and 18:45.

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