The Red Devil Incident Answer Fan Questions

Questions asked via MySpace

What is your inspiration as a band to make such great music?
David Spencer []

M** Lyne: When it comes down to inspiration, I generally take it from what I see, how I feel emotionally, and basically factors involving society, the media and basically anything that effects me as a person. That’s it mainly.

Dom Lyne: Well my inspiration… well because [M**] writes most of the music, most of my lyrics come post music, so obviously the lyrics I write are based upon what emotions I feel when I hear the music — the social factors, the emotional factors. When it comes down to it, it’s what I hear in my head and feel when I hear the music, so emotional.

What’s your favourite part about making music and what’s your main goal?
Kimi []

M** Lyne: Hearing the finished tracks, because when you do them in demo they can sound a bit crap at times, and you think ‘oh that’s bloody awful’, then once you get in the studio and they’re recorded as a finished product, they just sound amazing. That’s the bit I love the most, when you just sit back and go ‘man, that’s one kickass song.’

Dom Lyne: My favourite part? I hate every single bit of it. No [laughs]. No, my favourite part is hearing the final product, but because I do most of the production for it as well, to me it’s about getting into the track and taking a demo that M**’s sent me, or some guitar parts they’ve wrote, or some lyrics I’ve done and taking them into the studio and moulding them into what becomes the final track that you hear. It’s a long, laborious process that keeps me up for about 12hours a day, but the end result, if [the fans are] not complaining then that makes me happy, and that is actually another favourite part of mine, actually getting the feedback from the fans who say that they like the music which is the bit that makes you go ‘shit, this is not shit’.

M** Lyne: And if the fans didn’t like it, what’s the point in making music in the first place?

Dom Lyne: And the main goal, well, I’d say for me the main goal is to produce music which the fans love. It’s no good if we just like it, it’s for you to dance to, sing to, whatever you want to do to it… fuck to it. Also lyrically, if I was to write lyrics which move you or make you think, then if they make you feel a certain way is the most satisfying part of the whole music making process.

Do you think the media has an impact on your music and the way your music style is?

Dom Lyne: To a point the media has an impact, especially on the lyrics, I mean our political lyrics and our social commentaries are all based upon the media, it’s putting into your mind what the media is saying and attacking it. You know the media says ‘you’ve got to be this way’ and we go ‘why? Why do you have to be way, why do you have to tow a line?’

M** Lyne: Why be dictated to like herd animals?

Dom Lyne: Yeah, the media does play a part in my lyric writing, but when I write my music that’s all emotional, I don’t sit there and go ‘the world’s at war I’m going to write a song,’ I go ‘the world’s at war I’m gonna write some lyrics.’ That’s probably the same for you?

M** Lyne: Yeah.

What do you think the future of democracy is in the West but primarily in America and Britain who are supposed to be the so called torch bearers?
Kevan []

Dom Lyne: Well my opinion is that there isn’t a democracy in England at the moment anyway. Yes we vote in a Government but that’s a majority vote, it’s 30% of 60% which isn’t what I’d term good enough for a democracy. And the fact that we can’t protest outside our own Houses of Parliament without permission from the Government that makes you think, I mean the point of a democracy is that we are allowed to have our say without permission from the people we are campaigning against. Take our current situation, we have a leader which none of us voted in as a leader, now that is not democracy, in a democracy once the leader leaves there should be a vote to see who the new leader will be and that should be down to the people because at the end of the day, the Government serves us, we don’t serve them.

Who is more dangerous? These World leaders that are there for only power and money or the masses of people that follow them?
Maja []

Dom Lyne: I’d say the masses because at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, the politician is just doing their job. Politician is power, politics and money. We vote them there, we put them in that position to do that job, so if we have a problem or we don’t agree, we should should question them, that’s the whole point of democracy that we have a right to question our Government without fear of being attacked, put in concentration camps, being gassed or whatever.

M** Lyne: It hasn’t got that far yet.

Dom Lyne: Give it a few years. So yeah, in my opinion it’s the masses of people who follow them because a politician is only doing what he in his brain thinks is right and if we all follow, we’re not thinking for ourselves, we’re just agreeing.

Why do you think the media has such a big effect on people and why people don’t think for themselves but only believe what the media serves them?
Maja []

Dom Lyne: That continues nicely from the last question because…

M** Lyne: They can’t be bothered.

Dom Lyne: …the simple fact is because people can’t be bothered to think for themselves, it’s much easier to be told what to think, to believe what you read than it is to actually sit down and go ‘you know what, I don’t actually agree with that. That’s actually wrong and evil.’ It’s just so easy to sit and do nothing, to just sit in your armchair and go ‘I don’t agree with that but because the media says it’s right therefore it’s right.’ You know, you’ve got a mind, fucking use it.

Do any of you wear speedos?
Dark Harvest Records []

Dom Lyne: Do you wear speedos?

M** Lyne: No.

Dom Lyne: No? You don’t wear any underwear anyway. Do I wear speedos? No, I wear skimpy boxers which are bright green, bright red and stupid colours. Although I could be tempted to wear them if I was ever to pose. Oh, RDI photo shoot in the future. The band in speedos.

M** Lyne: You’d have to tone up like David Hasselhoff, he’s the only one who’s pulled off speedos.

Dom Lyne: Fuck that, I’ll dress like Pamela Anderson. [laughs]

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The Red Devil Incident answer fan questions was conducted in August 2007 when the band invited fans to send in their questions about the band’s music, views, or lifestyles. The best six were chosen and given to Dom and Mark Lyne to answer via video response. The copyright in this interview belongs to The Red Devil Incident.

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