Let’s Be Personal

Who am I?

I’m the crazy kid, the kid with his head in the sky desperately searching for his dreams. I’m the sly one, the dangerous one, quite possibly the one your mother warned you about. I’m the one who knows exactly what he’s got and knows what he wants. I’m the one with the past very few people know about. My history starts in 2001.

I’m the one with life experience. I’ve dealt with death, I’ve dealt with emotion, I’ve lived my life and drummed to my own rhythm. I’ll change for no one. I’ve screwed with my head, I’ve walked on the darkened grass on the other side of the mirror and rolled down its spiny hills. I’ve solved things through a line, a pill, a glass; stuck needles in my arm and flown sky high. Got a problem with that? Then tell someone else, I’m not listening. My soul is closed for a while to but a few.

Apparently I change people, well that’s nothing but a lie, people change around me. Some peek out of their shells. Most try to be what they think I want, they stop being the person I met and wonder why I get bored of them, get annoyed at their lie. Don’t blame me for your own insecurities, be yourself and I’ll either like you or I won’t, there’s never a grey area.

I am who I am for a reason. If you try to restrict me, or suppress me, I’ll grow angry, tired. I will lose any respect I have for you. I’m not a creature that you can keep in a cage, I’m here to live. I’m not your slave.

People think I don’t know my limits when it comes to certain things, well the answer is not that I don’t “know” my limits, it’s I don’t have any limits. I’ll exist until I drop, then I’ll pick myself up and wait until the next drop. Always moving forward, never looking back. Regret is alien to me.

All in all… I AM DOM.

Let’s Be Personal is an entry from Dominic Lyne’s Tales of the Disconnected. It was originally posted on 1st July 2008.

Copyright © Dominic Lyne, 2008

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