Truth is Set in Stone

You took a moment of time and rewrote it with your lies.
That it happened is not denied.
Truth is this hand rose and slipped its fingers
around a throat that within no innocence lied.
But that act was singular and never replayed,
no matter how many infidelities rose their heads.
I could have taken a scythe,
decapitated the necks of men I shared but never met.
I chose however to forgive, to try and try again.
Remained focused on the love I held,
and continued to maintain.

Now you twist the truth. Rewrite, reframe, re-live.
Events repositioned, their memories transformed.
The one who was disrespected now the villain, hated.
If this makes you happy to deny the part you played,
then live out your days in arrogance
and bury all your shame.
No matter what or who you make believe,
only two souls experienced.
One was mine, the other yours.
Together we know the truth,
and truth is set in stone.

Copyright © Dominic Lyne, 2016

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