From the Eyes of Whoredom


Two months is not a long time, but for A Punk Oddity it was busy. An album, a holiday, and a visit from an unknown life form.

From the Eyes of Whoredom contains home-video footage filmed during the two month recording period of A Punk Oddity‘s Into the Mouth of Whoredom. It allows a glimpse of the world through the eyes of Dom and M** Lyne.

This video is stupid, puerile and idiotic. Enjoy.

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This new cut of From the Eyes of Whoredom was edited using the original MiniDV tapes, and features material not previously included in the original release.


Filmed by: Dominic and M Lyne
Edited and Directed by: Dominic Lyne
Published by: DPL Publishing

Filming Period: Between July and September 2003
Filming Locations: Preston, England and Isle of Skye, Scotland

Original Release: 14 March 2004
Re-cut Release: 25 June 2019

Release Cover

Bonus Material