Salvation Disorder – No. 1

RDI: Crucifixion Project

Salvation Disorder – No. 1


001 | Nightmares1:54
002 | Decreptitude1:44
003 | Cries of the Unloved1:28
004 | Black Rain1:44
005 | Never Sleep5:46
006 | Machine 1:14
007 | Day to Decay 2:05
008 | Lost 1:38
009 | Twisted Fantasy (Requiem Eternal)3:52

Studio Collective

Dominic Lyne – Vocals, drums, synths, programming, piano, live bass
M Lyne – Acoustic guitars, clean guitars, rhythm and lead guitars, live bass, piano


Recorded Between:
2005 – 2006

Songwriting Credits:
Track 9 lyrics written by Dominic Lyne
All tracks (except tracks 2 and 9) music written by Dominic Lyne
Tracks 2 and 9 music written by M Lyne

Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Engineered, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne  
Art Direction and Design – Dominic Lyne

Album Description [by Frigida Records]

RDI: Crucifixion Project (UK) is the fri060. The album Salvation Disorder No.1 consists of nine incredible tracks filled with dark environments, angel voices, pianos, beats, drums and more. Enjoy it on our catalog.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This album is a fist to the stomach, however after which you feel glad to have received it. Putting word play aside, here we talk about the music, industrial/darkwave of satisfactory level, the painstaking rhythms and ‘fat’ synths all create a ‘fat’ sound. Grrr!

Interesting: Decreptitude, Cries of the Unloved, Machine, and Twisted Fantasy.

Online Review [Italy]



Date of Release:
21 July 2007

Digital Download

Record Label:
Frigida Records | Degraded Discord

Catalogue No:
fri060 | RDICP001

Available From:
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