Ten Dead Men

Modern Life?

Ten Dead Men


You can’t outrun your past. That is the extremely painful lesson that Ryan (Brendan Carr) is learning right now. One single, tragic event has caused his normal life to explode around him, leaving him a life of grueling torture and bloodshed as specters of Ryan’s past life have returned to haunt him, destroying the one thing he held dear. 

He thought he had left his dark twisted past behind him, but a blood-debt owed to a friend means he has to unwittingly cross the one man he can never escape, the ruthless, all-knowing crime boss known as Hart. Ryan decides that if he cannot escape Hart and his cold-blooded minions then he must confront them head-on. 

Ten Men destroyed his life, and now Ten Men are going to pay.

‘The Punisher’ wears ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ in ‘Sin City’ as the producer-director team of Phil Hobden & Ross Boyask follow up the cult smash ‘Left For Dead’ with action thriller ‘Ten Dead Men’.


Licensed Track: Redemption
Music and Lyrics by Dominic Lyne
Performed by The Red Devil Incident

Premiere Date: 19 April 2008

Co-Producer: Mike Leeder 
Associate Producer: Darren Berry
Associate Producer: Brendan Carr
Associate Producer: Terry Stone
Co-Associate Producer: Dom Lyne 
Executive Producer: Antony I. Ginnane
Executive Producer: David Hannay

Cast: Brendan Carr, Doug Bradley, Pooja Shah


Film Trailer


Year of Production:


Running Time:
88 minutes


Writer: Chris Regan

Director: Ross Boyask

Producer: Phil Hobden