Paradise is Nowhere: The Dream

Dominic Lyne

Paradise is Nowhere: The Dream


001 | The Dream5:04


“That day comes. The final moments. Curled on the floor and you scream. Scream out into the heavens in despair. Praying. Hoping someone will listen. Words like ink spills spitting against reality. Tearing the canvas with their bitter blades.”

Enter into the dark mind of Dominic Lyne in this illustrated short. Written at the time when he had just been diagnosed with psychosis, it provides an interesting and unique look into the otherside of reality’s mirror.

Additional Information

Paradise is Nowhere: The Dream was originally released as the first part in a series of four zines that are available worldwide from the Degraded Discord online store:

Paradise is Nowhere is also the first book in Cycle-2: Screams of Silence, which is available from Amazon worldwide. 


Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne
Art Direction and Design by Dominic Lyne
Cover Artwork by Dominic Lyne

RDI: Crucifixion Project – Never Sleep
Music by Dominic Lyne


Date of Release:
27 May 2017

Digital Download

Narrated By:
Dominic Lyne

Record Label:
Degraded Discord

Catalogue No:

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