001 | Krishna2:50
002 | Seven Crucified Saviours2:52
003 | All-Consuming Hate3:18


In April 2002, The Red Devil Incident – at the time called GodEngine – released their first demo-EP Krishna. The three track recording perfectly captured the band’s original simpler rock sound, something that would return to the fore on their second album In Dreams We Sleep.

Due to Krishna‘s importance as the first musical release from the band, it has been remastered using the original multitrack recordings as part of The Red Devil Incident‘s 20th anniversary celebrations in 2020.

The track ‘All-Consuming Hate’ was one of the first songs ever written for the band.

GodEngine Band Members [2000 – 2004]

Dominic Lyne – Vocals
M Lyne – Bass guitar
Brian Larsson – Guitar
David Lyons – Drums


Originally recorded:
February 2002

Songwriting Credits:
All lyrics by Dominic Lyne
Tracks 1 and 2 music by Dominic Lyne
Track 3 music by M Lyne

Original Release:
April 2002

Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Engineered, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne
Art Direction and Design by Dominic Lyne

Remastered between:
November and December 2019


Original Cover Art


Date of Release:
13 April 2020

Digital Download

Record Label:
Degraded Discord

Catalogue No:

Available From:
Enter into Discord | Bandcamp