Skeletons on a Space Station

Dominic Lyne

Doctor Who: Skeletons on a Space Station

001 | Opening Titles0:19
002 | Skeletons on a Space Station15:48
003 | Closing Credits0:53
004| Spaces of Death [Soundtrack]13:26


Responding to a distress signal, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara arrive on a space station where the only living thing is death.

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Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne
Art Direction and Design by Dominic Lyne

Incidental Music:
Written and produced by Dominic Lyne

Doctor Who Theme:
Original written by Ron Grainer
This arrangement by Dominic Lyne


Date of Release:
20 March 2024

Digital Download

Record Label:
Degraded Discord

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