Judas Inferno

The Red Devil Incident

Judas Inferno


001 | Save Me3:23
002 | The Sound of Silence4:13
003 | Chasing Cars4:36
004 | Lost4:11
2011 Reissue
001 | Lament for End Days1:40
002 | Save Me3:23
003 | The Sound of Silence4:13
004 | Lost4:11
005 | Echoes from the Dawn of a New Era2:30
Bonus Tracks
00A | Your Judas Halo [Version]3:07
00B | Lost [Version]2:56

Studio Collective [2008]

Dominic Lyne – Vocals, drums, programming, synths
M Lyne – All guitars, live bass

Strings [Tracks A & B]:
Kristina Anderson –Violin [including Track 4] 
Kate Morrison – Violin
Susan Langley – Viola
Rosie-Anne Simpson – Cello
David Lloyds – Double Bass


Recorded Between:
13 and 24 March 2008

Songwriting Credits:
2008 Original Release
All lyrics [except track 3] by Dominic Lyne
Track 3 lyrics by Gary Lightbody
Tracks 1 and 2 music by Dominic Lyne
Tracks 4, A, and B music by M Lyne
Track 3 music by Lightbody, Connoly, Simpson, Quinn, Wilson
Tracks A and B arranged for strings by Dominic Lyne

2011 Reissue
All lyrics by Dominic Lyne
Tracks 2 and 3 music by Dominic Lyne
Tracks 1, 4, 5, A, and B music by M Lyne
Tracks A and B arranged for strings by Dominic Lyne

Production Credits:
Produced by Dominic Lyne
Engineered, Edited and Mixed by Dominic Lyne  
Art Direction and Design by Dominic Lyne


The End of Everything


“Welcome to hell” stands as the last sentence in the info of this EP, and it so fittingly describes the emotional worlds and end time mood which must have effected the author of the songs. Industrial Rock of the interesting kind.

Suggested track: The Red Devil Incident – Lost

Darker Radio



Date of Release:
01 September 2008


Record Label:
Ekleipsi | Degraded Discord

Catalogue No:
ekieipsi48 | RDIEP003

Available From:
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