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The Hayley Project


The Hayley Project was an interactive 37-episode web series that centres on misfit college sophomore Hayley Winters, who investigates the mysterious and untimely death of her best friend Keira Madison.

Classified as a suicide by detectives, Keira’s death opens up a slew of questions for Hayley – Why was Keira murdered? Who killed her? What type of things has Keira been doing behind Hayley’s back? Ridden by guilt for not being there in Keira’s last hours, Hayley takes it upon herself to clear her friend’s name and track down the killer. But she can’t do this alone…. she’s going to need help.

So Hayley flips on her webcam, and video blogs to the world, asking everybody watching to help her solve this murder mystery. The big question is, can she trust her Internet audience? Or is she telling them too much?

Throughout her two and a half-month investigation, Hayley will encounter a host of seedy and quirky characters and venture deeper into the “rabbit hole” than she’d ever imagined. As she gets closer and closer to the truth, danger will start to lurk, and Hayley will realize that her life might be in danger.


Licensed Track: Parasites
Lyrics by Dominic Lyne | Music by M Lyne
Performed by The Red Devil Incident

Series Start Date: October 2008
Featured Episode: 6 – Hear No Evil 

Cast: Rachel Risen, Phillip Botello, Jessica Warner, Trip Langley, Michelle Vanegas, Dan Tibbets, Mike Lally, Jocelyn Drew, Kate Pomerant, Kristin Shields, Zachary Einstein, Keith Mominee, Lee Cavalier, Jack Dempsey, Greg Hanson, Ethan Downing, Dennis Hurley



Year of Production:

Interactive Web Series 

No. Episodes:


Writers / Directors: 
Andrew Y. Park and Jato Smith

Andrew Y. Park, Jato Smith, Paolo de Dios, Dave Evans

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